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27th September
written by admin

Today on Twitter, @kidambition asked about the Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera and how it compared to the Flip Video Mino. I’ve done a few reviews of the Kodak Zi8 and the Kodak Zx1 in the recent past, so I thought I’d take a moment and talk about the Kodak Zi6.

This camcorder is extremely similar to the Flip Video Mino HD camera on a few points. They both shoot 720p HD video and both lack image stabilization.

The Flip series has built in USB adapter (so there are no cables). The Kodak Zi6 uses interface cable. The Kodak Zi6 also has removable rechargeable batteries, which is nice.. and the Flip Mino has to be charged via USB. The other advantage of the Zi6 is the ability to change the video quality (HD at 60 fps, HD at 30 fps, or VGA) and the super great advantage of having SD memory allowing you to store 32GB.

This is a good camcorder, but if you’re looking for image stabilization and true 1080p HD, I would look at the Kodak Zi8 as another option.  Either way, this is very comparable to the Flip Video Mino HD.

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