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26th September
written by admin

I’ve been super interested in POV or Point of View cameras for a while. Living a active lifestyle and doing some fun activities when I’m recreating, the idea of capturing footage from my point of view seems really cool. There are definitely a few camcorders out there that do this, and they range in quality, resolution and features. With a POV camera you can mount them on your car, bike, helmet, surfboard, etc for a really unique video experience, and could be a great addition to your video efforts.

Today, I want to talk about the V.I.O POV.1 Point of View Video System, which is up on the higher end of things. It records 720×480 resolution at 30fps. It is a little different than many because it has a unit that acts as the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that is separate than the actual camera unit. Some are all in one. Since this is separate, you gain the benefit of viewing the footage on the DVR itself, which is a great benefit.

If anyone has personal experience with this system, please comment here. I know others as well as myself would like to hear some thoughts the V.I.O POV system.

I found a killer video that shows what this recording system is capable of.  Please scroll down to see it!

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Capture the kind of intense video footage you've always wanted, and all from unique points of view, with the VIO POV1 digital video system that can be attached to your helmet, hat, or handlebars Your fun doesn't end with shooting to you'll have all the components you need to edit (both on-site and off) and share via the Internet using POV Manager's[Read More]