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17th September
written by admin

I had a few conversations with a Tweep (@SeerMax) about good camcorders, and she was interested in picking up the Panasonic HDC-HS250-K HHD HD Camcorder (with 120 GB drive). I wasn’t familiar with this camcorder, so I thought I’d take a look at this camera. Holy cow.. is this a nice unit!

This is going in a different direction than the mini-camcorder or shoot-and-share camcorders I’ve been talking about lately. SeerMax and I initially talked about the quality and durability of the more consumer/convenience based camcorders and it was agreed that the durability is often questioned. When we start to go to higher-end equipment and up to professional grade equipment, we definitely see improvements in the craftsmanship and inclusion of upper-end components that make these units last longer and perform better. Obviously, I need to put a gigantic asterisk next to this, since it always depends on the camera, the brand and model you get as well as what you’re exposing the gear to.

This camera looks absolutely fantastic and having a 120 GB drive is nice. It shoots in true 1080p HD and can shoot 11MP still photos. I saw one mention where it was advertised that it can do time-lapse, and apparently, this is not true. If anyone else can comment on this, that would be great.

Currently this camera lists at $899.95, but at the time of this post, you can purchase this camera for $762.26 after savings and you can also get a FREE Polaroid ProGo Printer!

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The Panasonic HDCHS250 features a 3MOS System for beautiful images. For videos of important moments you want to preserve, you want high image quality. That's what Panasonic's 3MOS System delivers, with a combination of optical technologies that further enhance the quality of full-HD images. The 3MOS System produces extremely accurate images with [Read More]