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11th September
written by admin

flip-video-ultra-camcorder-series-1I’ve been writing posts discussing various mini-camcorders, which I guess the new term is ‘Shoot and Share’ camcorders. These are my favorite since they are so easy to use and pushing videos up on the web is a snap. They are fantastic for video blogging (vlogging) and being so compact, you could always have one on you.

I’ve been waiting for a good listing of the popular brands and models, and finally I came across a great list broken down by bestseller and brands at Amazon. Please check out the Shoot and Share with an Easy-To-Use Camcorder page.

The Flip series cameras seem to be the bestsellers for sure, but there were a few other brands making that list as well. They are currently breaking down brands with the following manufacturers: Flip Video, Kodak, Samsung, Sony as well as other brands.

The other great thing I found was a very comprehensive learning guide about shoot and share video. If you have any questions about resolution, storage, software, etc., this might be a great place to start. Please check out the Shoot & Share Video Learning Guide at Amazon!