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14th October
written by admin

Flip has introduced their 2nd generation Flip Mino HD camcorder.  The 2nd generation has a new look and some additional new features.

First of all, the look has changed from sleek black to brushed-metal front and soft, rounded edges. The improvements include a 2″ anti-glare color display. The original Mino had a 1.5″ display. The largest change is the memory. They’re now supplying the Mino with 8 GBs of memory. The original Mino could only hold 4 GBs. Additional they’re offering a HDMI output so you can connect directly to HDTVs.

If you purchase this camcorder you can get a Free Flip Accessory! With this new camcorder, if portability is priority as well as memory, this camera seems to be a better buy vs. the Flip Ultra HD. You still have the advantage of the recharageable batteries in the Ultra over the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery of the Mino, but that is a pretty small advantage since you can get adapters for the Mino to charge without a computer.

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With the all-new Flip MinoHD, it-Feets now even easier to capture incredible HD video and share it with the world. MinoHD features 120 minutes of record time, so you-Feetll never have to miss another minute. A super-slim, pocket-sized design means you can take your MinoHD with you everywhere you go. And a large, 2-Inch anti-glare display lets you e[Read More]