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26th August
written by admin

What are your buying points when it comes to purchasing a new Camcorder? When I ask this to myself, it’s a hard question, so I wanted to post this and see what other have to say.

I personally feel it’s all related to the purpose or goal of buying a camcorder in the first place. Basically, what are you trying to achieve with this camera? Do you want a good all-purpose camcorder, are you looking for something that produces professional quality video, are you looking for something easy to use, etc?

These goals all have different buying points related to them. Buying points could be, but definitely not limited to, size, weight, brand, HD/SD, resolution, image stabilization, zoom, options, ease of use, compatibility with hardware/software, etc.

I think others can greatly benefit if people would comment on this post about their recent camcorder purchases. Please add the following

  1. What was the intent for buying the camcorder (the purpose/goal)
  2. What was the camera you bought
  3. What were the buying points for you picking up this particular camera

I’m looking foward to what you have to say!