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4th September
written by admin

Today, I wanted to talk about a great piece of software that use on a regular basis. It’s called AVS Video Converter. Here we have a extremely easy piece of software that allows you to convert video formats from one to another. Beyond changing formats, it can easily compress your videos (if needed) and can capture various screen snaps.

I started using this when I when I needed to convert videos to Flash and grab screen captures for another web site.  It is extremely easy to use. Basically pick the ‘source’ file, then select the the type of file you’d like to convert it to, select the compression (it uses download speed as a gauge) and click convert. It cranks for a while and then drops a newly converted file next to your original file (it automatically renames it).

I like software that just ‘works’, and is not full of options and features. This does a great job. If you’re needing to convert various video files in your camcorder projects, I highly recommend AVS Video Converter! who makes AVS Video Converter also have other great tools as well:

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