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1st October
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So I’ve been seeing the commercials of the new Apple iPod Nano and the ability for it to shoot video. It seems with this super surge of “shoot and share” mini-camcorders, it’s only a matter of time before phones and mp3 players are stepping up to the plate.  Based on the commercials it seems that the Nano is really looking like a true contender.

Today on Twitter, I thought I’d post this question and @FlipInFocus provided me with a great side by side comparison between the Apple iPod Nano and the Flip Video Mino (SD). This comparison is using the SD version since the Nano does not shoot in HD. I was quite suprised by the results:

The cameras discussed in this review are the following:

7th September
written by admin

I asked a few people what the best camera for video blogging or vlogging. There were a mix of opinions from mini-camcorders to web cams. The Apple iSight was mentioned a few time as the best web cam you can buy, so I thought I would pull up some information on this great web cam.

Overall Rating:

Total Customer Reviews: (35)
Seller: Amazon
Introducing a revolutionary new way to say hello. iSight delivers picture perfect video, crystal clear audio and an innovative design that makes video conferencing over the Internet as natural as face-to-face conversation. Families can stay in touch from thousands of miles away. Students can hang out and talk with their friends like they were in th[Read More]