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25th December
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Need an SD Card? Well of course Christmas just happened! Now we need a new SD card for all those cool electronic gifts received! This SanDisk SD card holds 16GB Video HD SDHC Card!

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SanDisk SDSDHV-016G-A15 16GB Video HD SDHC Card (Black)
Manufacturer: SanDisk
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List Price: $43.93
Sale Price: $43.93
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Product Description

The SanDisk Video HD memory card is a high-capacity, high-performance solution you can trust for capturing and storing beautiful, detailed video content. With the flexibility to record at multiple levels of quality, up to and including HD, and the capacity to let you keep recording memories, SanDisk Video HD is the card you can trust to capture all your precious moments in high quality video. Included jewel case and labels for storage options to let you easily label and organize all your video content so you can create your very own digital video library.

Product Details

  • High-quality video memory card you can trust with your precious, beautiful and detailed memories
  • Ideal memory card for capturing HD video
  • Can capture all type qualities of video, including High-Definition 1080i format so you can be sure it will suit your needs
  • Ideal for flash-based camcorders
  • Jewel case and labels are included so you can organize your video library

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