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25th August
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Currently there are two versions of the popular Flip HD cameras on the market. Those are the Flip Video Ultra HD and the Flip Video Mino HD. There are the SD models as well, but for this comparison, we will only be talking about the HD (Hi Definition) models.

The Flip Mino HD is a slimmer version compared the Ultra. It is thinner, smaller and weighs less than the Ultra. These definitely have it’s advantages, and the primary one being very easy to transport. The Mino is a little larger than a cell phone, so sporting one in your pocket is a snap. Charging the Mino is restricted via USB charger from laptop or desktop computer. There are no chords to worry about. This can be a great, but also a hindrance if you’re looking to charge your camera and you’re not close to a USB device.

The Flip Ultra being larger has it’s advantages has some advantages. As mentioned above, the Mino is restricted to USB charge only. The Ultra has double A rechargeable battery pack, and if the rechargeable batteries are drained, you can insert standard alkaline batteries in it’s place.

Overall Rating:
Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: View Sale Price
Having a larger chassis allows it to have a larger memory capacity as well. The Flip Mino holds 60 minutes or 4GBs of storage, while the Ultra doubles that with 120 minutes at 8GBs of drive memory. The physical cover materials are different as well. The Ultra has a matte finish that resists fingerprints and the Mino has a glossy plastic finish that can get pretty smudged up.

The Ultra also has a built on HDMI out so you can plug directly to your HD capable TV without a problem. The camera does NOT come with the cable though.

The video quality is basically the same between the two. They both record 720p video at h.264 compression and both cameras do not have image stabilization capability. The Ultra does have additional processing video refinement and uses a newer built-in software giving the video quality edge the Ultra.

The interesting aspect, is the Ultra is actually cheaper than the Mino. So you have to ask yourself if portability is a issue or image quality? If portability is a issue you might want to go with the Mino, while the video capability is close, the Ultra has the edge in the category.

Below is a great video showing the different aspects of both models.

Flip Video Ultra HD vs. Flip Video Mino HD

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