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24th August
written by admin

I’m very excited to post this review. I purchased this camera for my wife about a year ago, and I can’t believe how perfect this camera is for capturing great family moments! It is unbelievably easy to operate. A big red button to record, how can you make it any easier? The size is great as well. It can easily fit in your pocket and be out in a moments notice. One of the biggest buying points for me was the interface. No cables, no power adapter, it is ALL handled via USB. I always have my laptop near by, so no problems transferring files or powering up the camera. I was also very impressed with their software. It was easy to use and quite good. Normally, I rarely look at the tools that come with the camera, but they’re quite good. I like to post videos on Facebook and YouTube as well as send videos to family and friends via email. This program easily converts these for you in formats and filesizes that are perfect.

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Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black)
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I believe the need to have a few improvements on this. It has limited zoom capability and the anti-shake stability feature is pretty rough yet. But really, I have to say that this camera is the best camera I’ve ever used in the family setting. Very hassle free and a great value. I highly recommend this camera to my friends and family members.

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